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Round 2 Video Report
Round 2 showed again some great chess battles and everyone fought hard to improve their performance so far. Once again Macauley Peterson has produced very nice short video reports for each game.

The first game to finish was Anish Giri against Wang Hao. Black seemed to have a slight edge and the players preferred to repeat moves in a middlegame where Wang hao felt he had been quite tired because of jet lag.

Round 02 Giri - Wang Hao

In the game Gelfand - Topalov, white got a slight advantage but not enough to convert into a full point

Round 02 Gelfand - Topalov

The first person to draw blood today was Peter leko against Vasily Ivanchuk. Peter used an old idea which had given him a win some years ago and once again it brought him the desired result today.

Round 02 Leko - Ivanchuk

Adams played solid against the tactician Mamedyarov and a draw was the fair result in the game.

Round 02 Adams - Mamedyarov

Kasimdzhanov blundered in the tactical melee against Nakamura when he felt that he had veen had chances of winning

Round 3 Kasimdzhanov - Nakamura

Grischuk vs Dominguez was very interesting and maybe there were some chances for white to win but in the end Dominguez found a great saving move with Qc5!

Round 2 Grischuk - Dominguez

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