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Round 3 Video Report
The third round saw once again the majority of the players slugging it out. The video reports by Macauley peterson show the critical impressions of the players.

Round 3 Topalov-Kasimdzhanov

Kasimdzhanov was happy to roll out a theoretical line leading to equality and it appeared that Veselin Topalov was aware also of this line so this was the first game to finish well before the time control.

Round 3 Mamedyarov - Giri

Mamedyarov steam-rolled Anish Giri whose opening preparation backfired. A rare win in 21 moves at this level.

Round 3 Dominguez - Gelfand

Boris Gelfand utilised theopening preparation he had made for the World Championship match and achieved equality quite easily.

Round 3 Wang Hao - Grischuk

Grischuk wanted to mess up the game a little bit around the time control and Wng Hao started to paly a little loosely. A mistake in the middle game could have cost him dearly but Grischu did not find the winning continuation.

Round 3 Nakamura - Leko

Nakamura nearly succeeded in  taking the full point and whilst the tablebases immediately showed a win for white, unfortunately Hikaru chose the wrong variation and a draw was the ultimate result.

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