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Round 4 Video Report
All videos have been filmed and compiled by Macauley

Boris Gelfand took the lead thanks to his experience. He kep on manouevering and posing Wang hao problems until the Chinese number one made a fatal mistake.

Round 4 Gelfand - Wang

Macauley finally grabbed Vladimir for an interview in Covent Garden. Vasily seemed to have already forgotten the game and was thinking of pruchasing a multi sided cube puzzle!

Round 4 Giri -  Ivanchuk

Alexander Grischuk won his first game and he describes in details where Mamedyarov went wrong

Round 4 Grischuk - Mamedyarov

Peter leko and Michael Adams played a solid game and neither side really had much.

Round 4 Leko - Adams

Dominguez spent 10 miniutes in reply to 1.e4 ! Despite opening preparation it appeared that Rustam was better prepared and more knowledgeable of the intricacies of the variation. In post mortem he was sure he missed a win.

Round 4 Kasim-Dominguez

Veselin Topalov had higher expectations in the game but after some post mortem discussions he was not so sure anymore.

Round 4 Nakamura - Topalov

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