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Round 3 Report
By Grandmaster Robert Fontaine

The fantastic world media coverage continues, this time with articles about top model Lilly Cole playing former World Champion Veselin Topalov, in the London Evening Standard and Sky Living Daily: 2109122 Cole- SkyLiving2 

Today is another matter for Veselin, who is playing against Rustam Kasimdzhanov. In the semi-final of the FIDE World Chess Championship in 2004, Rustam managed to win the tiebreak 2-0, and eventually conquered the World title. The Uzbek player came with a great novelty in his pocket 12...c5! giving away a piece.

FT article on chess
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Round 2 Video Report
Round 2 showed again some great chess battles and everyone fought hard to improve their performance so far. Once again Macauley Peterson has produced very nice short video reports for each game.

The first game to finish was Anish Giri against Wang Hao. Black seemed to have a slight edge and the players preferred to repeat moves in a middlegame where Wang hao felt he had been quite tired because of jet lag.

Round 02 Giri - Wang Hao

Round 2 Report
The tournament had great media coverage so far and we list a few of the media links below :

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The players arrived in high spirits, chatting together and joking, thanks probably to the beautiful weather we have here in London. 

Gelfand, the only winner in yesterday's round and current leader of the tournament, faced today the former FIDE World Champion (2005), Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria. Queens were very quickly exchanged and white found a comfortable position. The black's bishop was controlled by the strong pawn chain g2-f3-e4. Pressure on Black was not enough and the game eventually was drawn.

FIDE 120922 021

Round 1 Video Reports
Macauley Peterson has kindly produced a number of short video reports based on quick interviews held immediately after each games with the players.

The first one comes from the first game to finish today ... Kasimdzhanov - Leko

Round 01 Kasimdzhanov-Leko

The second video comes from Topalov - Grischuk which as expected was a hard fought fight between two of the top uncompromising world players.

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