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Round 5 Video Report
Macauley Peterson has produced some great videos for round 5:

Round 5 Mamedyarov - Gelfand

Mamedyarov - Gelfand started one hour earlier than the other games and was the first to finish.

Round 5 Report
Today is the last game before the first free day. So far, we have only one leader: Boris Gelfand. Due to Yom Kippur, Boris and Shakhriyar had to start the game at 1pm. Ivanchuk, who arrived a bit earlier to watch the game, was surprised by the pawn sacrifice of Boris from the very beginning of the game.

FIDE 120925 007

Round 4 Video Report
All videos have been filmed and compiled by Macauley

Boris Gelfand took the lead thanks to his experience. He kep on manouevering and posing Wang hao problems until the Chinese number one made a fatal mistake.

Round 4 Gelfand - Wang

Round 4 Report
By Grandmaster Robert Fontaine

Today was heavy rain in London, but as Ivanchuk said, it’s a great weather to play chess! Very fighting games today with no short draws and the players were happy slogging it out after three hours of play.

One of the leaders of the tournament, Peter Leko, decided to play a close Spanish opening against Michael Adams, who is well known to be the specialist of the Marshall gambit. Avoiding the main weapon of the English player, Peter went for a peaceful line, very technical and positional. Adams equalized, took the control of the only open file of the position and was already aiming to be better. Not enough however to break down Peter’s defence and the draw was signed.

IMG 5983 web

Round 3 Video Report
The third round saw once again the majority of the players slugging it out. The video reports by Macauley peterson show the critical impressions of the players.

Round 3 Topalov-Kasimdzhanov

Kasimdzhanov was happy to roll out a theoretical line leading to equality and it appeared that Veselin Topalov was aware also of this line so this was the first game to finish well before the time control.

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