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Round 8 Report
“So far so good” were the words of a Boris Gelfand leaving the playing venue yesterday evening. Today, his opponent Anish Giri decided to go for a sharp King’s Indian. Boris had to think for a while and opted for the bayonet attack. First moves were played very fast and after 22 moves, Gelfand decided to sacrifice a piece! The two white bishops were very dangerous and Anish decided to give up an exchange with 25…dxc5?! Boris took a good advantage but 30.Rf1 was an inaccurate move and gave the opportunity for Anish to come back in the game and eventually equalized. A disappointing draw for Boris who could have increase the lead.

FIDE 120929 069
Round 7 Video Report
Macauley produces once more some short interviews from round 7.

Round 7 Dominguez

Round 7 Report
By Robert Fontaine

Before the 7th round, we still had one leader, Boris Gelfand (4/6), chased by a pack of four players (Grischuk, Topalov, Mamedyarov and Leko) with 3.5/6.

Strangely, none of them are facing each other today. The UK production company Sunset+Vine, famous for their innovations in televising major events, are shooting the whole day for the second time this week.


FIDE 120928 035-2-Edit

Leinier avoided the main line of the Berlin defence and decided to go for the closed Spanish opening. Right after the opening, Peter chose to destroy the pawn centre with 15…c6 and 16…d5!? The endgame, which arose from these exchanges, was a bit better for White due to the pawn structure. Not enough to break Leko’s defence and the draw was agreed.

Round 6 Video Report
Macauley Peterson has produced interesting videos for round 6:

Round 6 Kasimdzhanov - Mamedyarov

Round 6 Report
We have a fight of continents between Hikaru Nakamura and Wang Hao! Surprisingly, Hikaru chooses a quiet line with double fianchetto 2.g3 and 4.b3. Wang Hao had a pretty safe position and waited the time control to see a big blunder (45.Nxa4??) from the American player.

FIDE 120927 023

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